Friday, January 20, 2012

Letters Written

Another addition to my etsy site.  This bottle focuses on the dead art of lettering writing.  The bottle is embellished with a vintage letter, cancellation stamps, postage stamps.  Hanging from the chain is photo of her beloved to whom she is writing to, vintage pen nibs, an old pencil, vintage buttons and beads.


  1. Hi Rhonda
    So glad you visited my Blog, Adorn so that I could come and visit you.
    Beautiful artwork you create.
    I will definitely return time and time again.
    Off to see if I can Follow you.

  2. Hi Rhonda
    Catching up on comments - thank you again for visiting.
    Oxford Impressions can be bought directly from their site or on Etsy.
    If you are like myself, living outwith America then it is difficult to source them unless direct from Suzanne.
    Hope this helps you out.
    Have a great Sunday.


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