Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home made Hearse

side template

back door

all four sides attached and bench for driver

front overhang has vampire fangs

First section of top added

finished product, about 5' long, 35" tall
 complete with skulls on the sides in front of stripped bows and candlelabras on the back.

"We Bid You Kindly Welcome"

glues drying on L.B.Back.....

originally I put the candlelabras on the sides but had to break them off and move them to the back because it wouldn't fit through the door coming out of the basement.

This is constructed out of black foam core board, cardboard (for the bends very well with the corregation), black duck tape.  The tubes are the insides of my paper rolls cut in half and painted black.  The backplates for the candlelabras are the holders for the paper rolls in the racks.  The candlelabra was a table piece that was broken so my husband cut it up with the saws-all so I could re-purpose it.  There will be an anamatronic halloween character sitting in the seat.


  1. Amazing projects! I have to make them too!!!

  2. OMGoosh... I stopped back by to get some tips on making this and see you have added my button :D you know you get a free collage sheet for that? Just email me your choice and I will get it to you. You might like my new poison labels too :))Gosh I think we do have a lot in common!


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